Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Embark!

Decided to try starting up a blog again, and since I just started a new embark on Dwarf Fortress, it seemed like a good topic.

Opened the Embark! pretty standard, crew looked like this:
Miner / Miner / Mason+Stone Detail / Farmer + Gatherer + Cook + Brewer / Fisher / Fish Cleaner + Architect.

Embarked in a woodland mirthful area which right now is my favorite. Still trying to get a solid grasp on how to work everything and where to take my forts when they get a bit bigger.

I wanted to make this fort a bit more epic than the last few I've done, with that in mind I'll post here on what I've done ^^;


  1. Welcome to blooger man :) all of us are good people :P

  2. Games like this and minecraft have always looked interesting to me, but they look like they would be HUUUUUGE time sinks for my OCD personality...