Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Embark! >.>;

I decided that, spite the work I'd put into it, I wasn't happy with the last fortress I was working on (the one I've been sharing with everyone). It was going decently, but to many problems kept arising that were aggravating me. Few tips for anyone starting out:

Avoid Aquifers
Avoid Salt Water
Don't increase your Embark! size unless you have to!! 7x7 is not acceptable unless your rig is a beast.

They both prove to be a bigger pain in the ass than I expected q.q;


  1. Nice, sorry you had to restart, going to try this game when I get home.

  2. Sorry you had to restart man, but thanks for the tips! =)

  3. So this game takes decent computing power? The reason I ask is that I brought this old 1.8ghz 512mb ram laptop with me on my travels so I wouldn't give a damn if it gets busted or stolen.
    If I can't play it, oh well.